So what's that pickled carrot stuff again?

Do Chua or pickled carrots and daikon, is a mainstay of Vietnamese cuisine. They fit readily into salads, rice or even into Banh Mi sandwiches. Their crunchy texture, mild flavor and radish infused finish make them a perfect addition to nearly any Vietnamese dish.

    So Daikon?

“Big ones, small one, some as big as your head!”

“Big ones, small one, some as big as your head!”

    Daikon (pronounced dye-kin) is a fast-growing winter radish found predominantly in southern Continental Asia, though today it is grown primarily in North America and shipped throughout the world. The daikon found popularity throughout South East Asia, particularly in Japan where its pickles are used to make Ponzu, a soy sauce and citrus juice condiment. There are many varities of daikon. The largest of which, the “Giant White Raddish”, can grow up to 20 inches in diameter and weigh as much as 100 lbs!

    Here’s a Handy recipe for making your own dynamite Do Chua, compliments of But be warned- It is a delicious, healthy snack, and has proven to be addictive:

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